Skills Development:

Undertake target oriented programs for development of few and enhancement of existing skill to the need for youth in the specific area/regions e.g.: Urban and Rural areas etc.

• Youth will be given representations in think thanks, policy function and implementation forums. There are currently over SICERDT Members, with membership now open for interested and active Youths and plans to spread to more districts throughout INDIA .

• Social volunteerism: youth will be encouraged undertake voluntary social service.

• Incentives: for talented and high performing youth: talented and high performing youth will be given recognition reward and incentive at the national level efforts made to motivate and attracts them towards service for the nation.

• Youth Mentoring: supporting and guiding the Youth in identifying their potentials, overcoming their failures, adopting the traits of good citizen and boosting their morale for high achievement in life.

• Youth in Person: Special Program for rehabilitation Mentoring, Training, and Education and incentives time the prison will be evolved so that their time in the prison is to utilized to become good citizens in integrating in social economic activities. Convert the demographic increase in the population of youth (demographic dividend) into an economic dividend by engaging the youth in economic activates, enabling gainful engagements in income generation (Domestically and abroad) to propel the growth of INDIA on the 21st century.

Provide and environment to facilitate the youth in exploiting their full potential. Address the gender imbalance in the access to facilities and economic opportunities between male and female young population. Provide and facilitate education and youth literacy programmed for those who have missed childhood education. To expose youth to works and examples of high achievers in the world in various walks of life and to instill a passion to excel and achieve excellence. Develop amongst the youth an international outlook, a desire to compete, an insight into other cultures and desire to learn lesson from achievements and errors of other's.