In 1997, when SOCIAL ACTIVIST MR. RAJENDRA SAXENA, WORK in the area of public health,he found that millions of displaced farmers and rural poor had migrated to urban areas like Delhi in search of better opportunities and were living in abject poverty in unauthorized settlements which lacked basic facilities like water, sanitation, electricity, shelter etc.

Uneducated and poor people, they scraped an existence as manual labor. Their children grew up malnourished ,and without education followed in their parents' footsteps. It was a heart-breaking situation.Uniquely placed to help by virtue of his global experience in public health and education, to help these forgotten and marginalized children and communities.

MR. RAJENDRA SAXENA SETUP first Education Centre in 1997, Working in the MCD schools,Our staff noticed the high drop-out rate of slum children. We believe that education is vital for the development of a child,enlarging her vision of the world and herself, installing curiosity, awareness, values and a belief and ability to chart her own destiny.

Within running Early Education Centers to care for the health and education of pre-school children and Non-Formal Education Centers and Remedial Classes to track down, motivate and equip drop-outs to rejoin the mainstream.

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